Monday, 30 May 2016

Top 4 Team: Quadrifoglio (First Prize)

Group Members from 105:
Cephas Koh, Enzo Tan, Isaiah Leong, Ang Wei Lun

"We light up your world."

Currently, there are many challenges involved in changing a light bulb. We will talk about some of these problems now.

For example, some lightbulbs are difficult to change because they need to be unscrewed in order to replace new ones. This can pose a problem because it involves climbing up a ladder or a chair, looking up into the ceiling and turning the body away from the ladder at an awkward angle. This may result in the person falling off and injuring himself or herself.

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that falls remain a leading cause of death and nearly half of those deadly falls have been from ladders.Workers who are six feet or more above lower levels are at risk for serious injury or death if they should fall.The study, published in the most recent Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, found that falls remain a leading cause of unintentional injury mortality nationwide, and 43 percent of fatal falls in the last decade have involved a ladder.


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Another problem with light bulbs now is that it is very vulnerable to blackouts because that’s where they get their power from. In Java and Bali, Indonesia, August 18, 2005, a failure in an electrical transmission line between Cilegon and Saguling in West Java cut electricity supplies, leading to a massive 5,000 megawatt shutdown. Jakarta, the capital of the fourth most populated country in the world, lost power, and half of the Indonesian population — 100 million people — were without electricity for almost 11 hours. Panic, confusion and distress. This is what the Indonesians felt. Blackouts, which often cause inconveniences to the public, can be both annoying and disruptive. In the dark, people are not able so see, therefore increasing the risks of injuries. But with Magnelight, we won’t even realize a blackout anymore due to a rechargeble battery. The magnelight can run on for up to 5 hours just relying on the rechargeable battery. You must be thinking, then how are we going to know there is a blackout until the 5 hours run out? Well you have other appliances don’t you? Now you can fix the power box not in darkness but in light!A conventional light bulb that is made of glass can send sharp glass shards everywhere in a breakage making it a safety hazard.
Our innovation Magnelight is also made out of recycled hard plastic, making it harder to break if it drops. It is both safe and environmentally friendly.

Another problem is that some lighting fixtures are very high on the ceiling and even with a ladder, you may not reach it. Hence, you will need to waste money to engage an electrician to change the bulb and you would need to move your furniture.

But with Magnelight,  you can change light bulbs at any height but still remain in the ground. It is brought to the socket with the X-pandeble stick, as seen on the left, which can be extended to almost any height, so you would not need to care about high ceilings with the X-pandeable stick!

We first got the main frame from a Mi TV box, which is the main module. You may have also noticed, in the second and third stages of Magnelight, that there are 2 3M stickers on both the light bulb and the main module. These 3M stickers are extremely reflective and sticky. If you were changing the lightbulbs at night, you would still be able to see the two stickers and align them accurately.


With all the improvements from the current lightbulb Magnelight is safer, more convenient and can be changed within 1 minute while a conventional light bulbs take 5 minutes. This would help the elderly as they usually prefer to bear with the darkness than change the bulb especially when they live alone. Singapore is a developed country and we have an ageing population who will mostly be living alone when their children move out. Magnelight will give them the ease to live independently without worrying of changing light bulbs when they fuse as they can always do it themselves.

Parts used to make the MagneLight

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